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Wedding Customs – Old and New

From tossing your bouquet to single female guests, to wearing something old, new, borrowed and blue, English wedding customs are still so popular today that even the most non conformist bride include them on their wedding day.  After all, why tempt fate and start your new life together with anything other than good luck traditions. But the UK does not have a monopoly on such rituals — other countries also have their own traditional wedding customs. Some are sweet (female guests in Sweden kiss the groom when his new wife leaves the room). Some are perplexing (couples in Congo are forbidden to smile on their wedding day). And some are downright peculiar (engaged pairs in Mongolia must kill then butcher a chicken, find a healthy liver or they cannot wed). Yet these bizarre displays are all based on one simple thing LOVE. The theory goes, that If you follow these customs, you will find eternal joy with your soul mate. So even if certain Indian brides must first marry a tree or a South Korean groom has to tolerate getting his feet whipped by family and friends, it’s all worth it in the end. If love and happiness ever after are the outcomes, it’s a win-win situation for all concerned. There are many more wedding traditions associated with countries around the globe, but just remember you can start your very own.  Just remember there are no boundaries where love is concerned! Let us know if you have started a new tradition.  Drop us a line on... read more

Wedding Hairstyles

As an excited bride-to-be, there are many things to think about and to do before your wedding day, and one of them is picking a wedding hairstyle. This may seem easy, but when you sit down in the chair at the salon on your wedding day and are not sure what to do, you could end up with a style you hate. Choosing a hairstyle should not be hard or stressful, though. Here are some helpful tips and tricks to finding the hairstyle that will work best for you on your wedding day.   Use Your Wedding Hairstyle to Compliment the Neckline of Your Dress Different dress necklines call for different hairstyles. One shoulder dresses call for a bit of balance and that can be done by styling the hair in a bun or braid over the bare shoulder. Alternately, an updo that is a bit messy will show off the cut of the dress as well as any accents the one shoulder of the dress may have. A strapless dress, the ideal choice for many brides, can be the most versatile when it comes to hairstyles. Strapless dresses can be complimented by a sleek but elegant updo, or if you have long hair, volumous loose curls. Brides that leave their hair down in curls will find that the style also adds versatility to photos as the hair can be pushed off the shoulders or brought forward, creating a new look. A V-neckline usually pairs well with an updo. V-neckline dresses are quite elegant so a romantically styled updo like a braided circlet will complement the dresses cut as... read more

The Extraordinary Effects of Marriage

A new branch of research is finding that marriage has powerful and beneficial effects on human beings. Currently this work is done by applied statisticians, and appears only in arcane journals. But its findings deserve to be read by everyone in western society. The work proceeds in a way common in modern social science. Large random samples of families are followed through time. They are interviewed every year about their lives, and their incomes and psychological wellbeing levels are measured. The first finding is that marriage makes you richer. In virtually every country ever studied, workers who are married earn between 10% and 20% more than those who are single. This figure holds after many other influences are factored out (in other words, it bears in mind there are lots of other forces that affect pay, including someone’s age and education and gender and so on). Economists argue about what this finding means. Some say that it is because ‘better’ people – healthier, more tenacious, more conscientious, better looking, more productive, stronger – are the ones who get married. Marriage itself, on this line of argument, is not doing anything to a man or woman’s earning power. Those with large pay packets simply choose to get hitched more than do those on low earnings. That sounds plausible, but actually it does not fit the facts. For one thing, if you study people in their early 20s, then those who are married barely earn more than singles. It appears that the ‘marriage wage premium’, as it is sometimes called by researchers, actually gets stronger through time as the years pass... read more

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Who said planning your own wedding was stressful?

One of the most helpful tips on The Wedding Organizer’s website is “it’s not all about lists and stress you know!” Your wedding, planned correctly, will be the best day of your life. Planned poorly and it could mean a headache. Let’s face it, there’s no getting away from it, good planning does usually involve lists (unless you’re fortunate enough to have a photographic memory!) but working with the best wedding suppliers will ease the stress levels considerably. Planning your own wedding is becoming increasingly popular with brides and grooms as it enables couples to put their own individual style, concepts and idea into the wedding event rather than being restricted by often ‘standard’ hotel packages. Whilst there are pro’s and con’s of both, it’s very much a matter of taste as to which direction you go in. A very quick mention of lists and then I promise I won’t mention them again….get the information into a spreadsheet rather than writing it down on paper. Plans change, requirements change, prices change (if you negotiate well!) and so your wedding planning list will be ever-changing. And it also helps you to keep on budget! So, you’ve organised your marquee, your entertainment and so on. It might be that you now need to hire all the furniture for your event. What wedding chairs should you get? And what about covers and bows? Oh, and what about a dance floor and, of course, a bar for the party in the evening? Use the internet to do your research If you are using the internet effectively, then you’ll be able to find companies... read more

Spectacular weddings at The Windmill Village Hotel, Coventry

From the moment you book your wedding with us, your personal advisor will co-ordinate all those necessary details to create your dream wedding.  However you want to organise your special day is entirely up to you. You may want to take the lead and manage all the details yourself and even pick  your own support companies. Alternatively you may prefer to choose from our list of trusted and exclusive suppliers, the choice is up to you. However small or large your wedding, we have the facilities to make it memorable and legal with the licence to perform civil ceremonies. We’ll help you plan your special day to the last detail and welcome your family and friends to share in your celebration.  You can benefit from our years of experience, detailed knowledge and expertise to plan your memorable, joyous day. With our experienced and dedicated wedding team at your disposal we will help you feel like royalty on the most important day of your life. Enjoy the best for your special occasion at the luxurious BEST WESTERN Windmill Village hotel. Best Western Plus Windmill Village Hotel Birmingham Road, Coventry, CV5 9AL Telephone: 02476 404040 E mail:... read more

Pretty Boxes, Bags, Ribbons and Bows Midpac packaging have it all!

I’ve spoken to you previously about Sue and her daughters wedding next March.  Well, we met up as we always do on a Saturday for lunch  and inevitably talk turned to the wedding.  Sue has decided that we (that’s the royal we) should make the bridal favours ourselves and also some bags with games, sweets etc for the children (although I had thought we had agreed that there would be no children) – I tell you it’s really hard to keep up! Anyway, the following Saturday was a terrible day.  It rained, hailed and thundered here, and there was no way I was turning up like a drowned rat for lunch!  So I thought what better opportunity then to source the ribbons, bags, balloons etc. I came across the most amazing site  Mid Pac Packaging and they stock simply everything you will ever need for every single occasion you could ever dream up! They despatch everything to you in double quick time and completely hassle free.  If you are going down the same route as Sue, I suggest that you visit Mid Pac’s site and get ordering!   For more useful information on how to plan your perfect day click the link below  ... read more

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